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Feature Documentary

Status: In Pre-Production

Production: Kurious Studios

Language: Ukrainian


Future… We all spend so much time of our lives to plan it, to project it, to create it… We imagine our dreams, then we try to anticipate events and actions that we must do in order to achieve them, naively thinking that  life can be calculated ahead, just like a chess game. And then, when we realize that it’s very far from being predictable and it’s rather a flamboyant, chaotic FLOW full of joy and sadness, peace and war, hope and despair, we tend to get into depression… SOME will be devoured by this cold, suffocating and horrifying darkness but OTHERS will pull themselves out of it and will keep living… They will keep living even through the darkest and scariest events.


Focusing on the children who are living in Ukraine, right now, this story is about those OTHERS, who decide to keep living, even though the world gets more and more uncertain. Despite, rockets, sirens, deaths, news and economic crisis, they get up in the morning and go to an acting class, to film school, to play violin, to learn cool tricks of breakdance or to learn an impressionistic technique in art class…  


As we follow and observe them, we will raise a few monumental questions on their life before and after the war. Do they still have dreams? If so, did they change since the beginning of the war? What gives them joy or calms them down in such stormy times? Do they think about future, if so, in what light? Do they still believe in God? Do they still value human life? 

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